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WRAP TT is seeking 10 vibrant and ambitious young, female professionals to be a part of our 2023-2024 mentorship program from October 2023 to June 2024. This program aims to accelerate the development of junior female professionals by matching them with seasoned professionals from the diaspora. 

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Who should apply to be a mentor?


  1. Are you a seasoned, female professional aspiring to invest in the younger generation?

  2. Have you had strong mentors and sponsors who helped your career growth?

  3. Do you have access to a strong network of professionals?

  4. Are you curious to learn from the perspectives and insights of the younger generation?


Who should apply to be a mentee?

  1. Are you a young, female professional between the ages of 21-35 years of age seeking to grow personally and professionally?

  2. Do you have career goals that you need help navigating?

  3. Would you benefit from having a seasoned professional coach you on navigating corporate culture?

  4. Are you interested in broadening your professional network so you can explore global opportunities?


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