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Mentorship is instrumental in empowering women and girls to achieve their wildest dreams. Thus, this pillar provides a yearly mentorship program where we match young professionals with accomplished women of the diaspora. Both mentors and mentees benefit from this dual relationship-building process where strategic plans are mapped out to achieve mentees’ educational and professional goals. 


Education creates access and pathways to financial freedom and true independence. Thus, we partner with educational, mental health, and entrepreneurial establishments to provide training and development to activate the personal and professional development of women and girls. We publish a monthly newsletter, WRAP TT Pulse, to share current events, achievements of women of the diaspora, best practices for business development, and scholarships and educational resources.


Effective networking provides community, building blocks, and pathways for women to grow personally, professionally, and financially. Women who excel at this skill are more confident in pursuing their goals. Thus, we offer a range of programs and events for women to build confidence dressing, speaking, and controlling their non-verbal communication to thrive in networking settings and gain social mobility.


The Access Pillar provides resources, training, and solutions to address the fundamental needs of women and girls. We advocate for improved access to housing, safety, healthcare, nutrition, clothing, clean water, technology, and safe transportation so women and girls can thrive.

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